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Are you looking for a New Bulk LPG Gas Tank Installation?

If you are not yet set up, then through our established UK wide network of Suppliers & Installers, we can manage your LPG gas tank installation from start to finish. 


No need to call all suppliers – no matter where you are, we have suppliers who can easily reach your Home or Business to install and refill your LPG tank.

Switch to LPG (Liquefied Propane Gas) – with over two million homes in the UK not yet connected to mains gas, we provide rural and off-grid domestic energy users with the opportunity to switch to a more efficient, cleaner, more versatile LPG energy system for heating, hot water and cooking.

Remote Tank Monitoring – state-of-the art ‘telemetry’ technology to remotely monitor your gas usage and automatically top-up your tank when you are running low.

On-line Account Management – access your account on-line, monitor your usage or make a payment, whenever or wherever you please.

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New LPG Tank Installation

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About us…

We work with trusted and responsible LPG suppliers only. We think you’ll be happy with what you could save when you request a quote from us today.

By using our FREE, easy to use service for Home & Business LPG, you will get a tailored offer showing you just how much you could save when you switch LPG supplier. You could be just a few minutes away from much cheaper energy bills.

Our main reason for changing suppliers was to save money. Now that we have switched our savings are great. All we wanted was a fair deal. Now that we have switched we are much happier”

Thank you! The savings achieved exceeded our expectations”

“We will not forget what you have done for us and we will definitely be telling our friends and neighbours

“A great result. We owe you guys big time”